About Company Planners

Company Planners Pty Ltd, The Shelf Company Specialists was formed in 1980 and has been providing Company Incorporation and related corporate secretarial services to both the sole practitioner as well as to large Legal and Accounting firms.

In addition, services are provided to the public with assistance and guidance to ensure that a professional service is given at all times. Company Planners Pty Ltd electronically incorporates all our companies, interfacing with A.S.I.C., which enables us to provide A.C.N. numbers and company names in the shortest possible time.

Our Constitutions are written and updated by Hall & Wilcox Lawyers, and any changes to legislation are adopted immediately.

The company binders are presented with the full set of Statutory Registers including Minutes of Meetings, Application for Shares, Share Certificates, Consent of Officeholders to act and all necessary stationery for future activities.

At Company Planners Pty Ltd our aim is to provide a high quality product with prompt and efficient service at all times. We are not Solicitors, Legal Advisors or Accountants. Should you require specific advice please contact your relevant advisors.