What is a Proprietary Limited Company?

A registered entity which can trade like a natural person with many liability and tax benefits over a sole trader.

Limited Liability: Companies still provide effective personal asset protection.
Taxation: Corporate tax rate of just 30% with no Medicare Levies.  Your accountant can show you how a company can be used effectively to run your business.
Contracting: With recent developments in the Industrial Relations front, many organisations will only deal with registered bodies which trade with A.C.N.s & A.B.N.s.
Sole Trader: Now more than ever individuals are trading as companies because of tax rates and personal liability issues.
Partnership: A company is an efficient means of organising a group of individuals to trade as a sole structure.
Name Protection:  When a name is incorporated it becomes registered throughout Australia and an identical name cannot be registered in any state as a company or a Business Name. (Be aware though that Trade Marks etc are not taken into account - refer www.ipaustralia.com.au).  We also recommend Domain Name registration for Internet protection.
Time:  A preferred name incorporation can be done within 2 workings hours and usually dispatched to any part Australia the following business day.
Documentation: Professionally prepared and presented documents in a quality secretarial register with 'Company Register' embossed in gold on the front and the company name displayed on the spine of register.  All our companies come complete with a Bank Account Kit,  ABN Application booklet, together with six bound copies of the Constitution written and updated by our Corporate Legal Advisors as required.  All documentation complies with the Corporations Act 2001.