What is an Unlisted Public Company?

Unlike a proprietary company, an unlisted public company can have unlimited shareholders to raise capital for profitable purposes. Whilst an unlisted public company can raise funds for any commercial venture, it must not advertise for investors. An unlisted public company is generally a small company not suitable for listing on the Stock Exchange.  An unlisted public company must have at least 3 directors, at least 2 of whom are Australian residents.

Time: Due to additional lodgment requirements, you must allow approximately 4-5 hours processing of the electronic application for registration.
Documentation: Professionally prepared and presented documents in a quality secretarial register with 'Company Register' embossed in gold on the front with the company name displayed on the spine of register. All our companies come complete with a Bank Account Kit,  ABN Application booklet, and six bound copies of the Constitution written and updated by our Corporate Legal Advisors as required.  All documentation complies with the Corporations Act 2001.