Price List

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Schedule of Fees and Services effective 1 July 2023.

Schedule of Fees and Services Inclusive of GST

Company Registrations



PDF only

Own Name Proprietary Company



Special Purpose Proprietary Company



Public Company (Limited by Shares)



Public Company (Limited by Guarantee)



Remove "Limited" from company name



Name Reservation (2 months)




Extension of Reservation (Additional 2 months only)



Change of Company Name




Change of Company Type From


from $258.00






Common Seal




Trust Deeds


(excludes Stamp Duty)


Discretionary (Family) Trust - Foreign Beneficiary Exclusion



Discretionary (Family Trust)




Unit Trust




Supplementary Deed


from $330.00

from $275.00 

Superannuation Deeds        
Superannuation Fund Kit & Deeds     $495.00  
Superannuation Updates     from $395.00  



Adopt a New Constitution (Pty Ltd Companies)




Replacement Co Register (Additional Search Fees may apply)

from $297.00


Registration Certificate Reprint



*Reprint of Constitution (3 copies)



*Company Searches Current Information



*Company Searches Current & Historical Information



*General Secretarial Fees : hourly rate

from $275.00


*Share Buy Back




*Amend Company Details (Prepare and Lodge For 484)

from $165.00


*Electronic ASIC Form Lodgement



*Fee may vary dependent upon individual circumstances.


Payment may be made by MasterCard or Visa, but is subject to an additional credit charge of 1.2%. Personal & company cheques are subject to clearance.

All prices are inclusive of GST and ASIC Disbursements but exclude applicable state/territory stamp duties.

To the full extent permitted by the law, Items and services cannot be cancelled or refunded after registration with ASIC and/or supply.

Company Planners Pty Ltd's acceptance of the order is only finalised through delivery of the selected item(s) and/or service(s). Placement of an order by you or confirmation from Company Planners Pty Ltd that an order has been received does not guarantee the fulfillment of that order. However, if the order cannot be accepted for any reason, Company Planners Pty Ltd shall notify the ordering party by email, telephone or facsimile as soon as possible.

Any amendments must be received within 2 working days of confirmation of registration (additional secretarial fees may apply).

Unless a member/client, payment can only be made by MasterCard or Visa (1.20% credit card fee will apply), money order or bank cheque. EFT, Personal Cheques or Company Cheques are subject to clearance. Please contact us for further details.

Search Company Names

Search the ASIC company names database before choosing a company name to ensure it's availability.