Unit Trust

Creating a Trust

Should you decide you need a Trust, you should seek legal and financial advice to ascertain the most suitable trust for you. Whether you are considering Asset Protection and/or Estate Planning you must also consider Tax Planning prior to creation of the Trust as well as Duties implications.

We supply a "generic" deed [under license to our legal advisors] generally within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of your order. The Deed will be suppied in triplicate, with Trustee Declarations, Application for Units and Unit Certificates.

What is a Unit Trust?

The Unit Trust is a document outlining a fixed distribution of income and/or capital in accordance with the proportion of issued units. This is similar to a shareholding in a Company. A Unit Trust structure may be appropriate where individuals/companies enter into a common investment/joint venture. The Trustee is bound by the Deed in respect to dealing with income and assets.
The most common form of a Trustee is an Incorporated Company controlled by all the unitholders (parties) of the Unit Trust to ensure the integrity of the Trust.

This information is supplied as a brief outline only and does not preclude the Ordering Party from fulfilling their legal obligations. Company Planners Pty Ltd cannot explain every responsibility or cover every situation, and in this regard you should seek professional business and financial advice. You will be held responsible for your legal obligations and not Company Planners Pty Ltd.

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Unit Trust Order From 2021 (PDF) (197k)

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